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As the client, you come first, and we’ll work diligently to make sure you’re compensated for your personal injury. Understanding what constitutes a personal injury is an important first step in your claim.
Premises liability


Slip-and-fall accidents occur when the ground or flooring is slippery or uneven, or when there are obstructions in a person’s pathway. For example, a pedestrian may trip over an uneven sidewalk, a pathway with holes in it, an unmarked curb, wrinkled carpet, or foreign objects littering the ground. When the floor or ground is slippery, it can also pose a hazard to pedestrians. Ice, snow, spilled liquids, oil and house cleaning liquids are among the substances property owners should monitor to prevent personal injury to visitors.

You expected to have a nice day shopping, running errands, or even at work, when all of a sudden, you were injured due to negligent workers or misplaced caution signs. Don’t worry! We’ll handle you and your case with the greatest care, bringing you comfort and advocating for an added cushion as you heal. The CDC reports that there were 39,433 slip-and-fall fatalities in 2017. Contributing factors include obstructed, slippery, or poorly lit walking areas, unguarded stairways, lack of safety signs, and use of unapproved ladders and other equipment.

If you or a loved one has been injured because someone has failed to maintain their property in safe condition call MBO Law Group. We’ll get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries. It’s your right!